Intuitive and simple - as it should be

Speed up your search engine

OneStart keeps your web search top of mind and top of screen, so you can find what you need quickly and easily.

No more minimizing windows or switching between apps. Just One click, and you’re ready to search.

Beauty and Brains

We didn’t just want our browser to work with Windows 11, we wanted it to enhance the experience.

That’s why OneStart not only matches the design of Windows 11, but also integrates seamlessly with it.

Optimized for Windows 11

OneStart features an inbuilt browser that is seamlessly incorporated into its elegant dock. This positions it as a user-friendly, AI-enhanced Software Hub application. You can simply click, type, and search from your OneStart dock, and your search results will be presented in the integrated browser, ensuring a smooth and uninterrupted browsing experience.

Fluid task management tools
for enhancing productivity


No need to remember complicated screenshot shortcuts anymore. With just a single click, you can take screenshots and access them all in one easy-to-find place.


This clipboard function is a text history manager that tracks and manages everything you copy on your computer, especially for copy-pasting tasks and finding recent files.

Screen record

You can easily create and share video recordings of anything you see on your screen, from browser tabs, your webcam, or your entire desktop with just a click.

Mic & Cam Privacy

Take control of your privacy and security by keeping your webcam and microphone turned off when you’re not using them.

Download shortcut

Download and access the latest apps and games available on the Microsoft Store with our quick and easy launcher that leads straight to the website. It’s that easy!

Pin feature

You can quickly access your favorite games and apps by pinning up to six of them to the dock. Simply click on the star button and you’re good to go.

Media playback

Our media playback function allows you full control over videos, songs and other apps. Tune in and tune out what you don’t need to enhance productivity.

AI chat function

Need a hand? Access our dynamic AI chat function to help you draft an email, write a piece of prose - and even help schedule and organize your day-to-day tasks.

OneStart is a versatile software hub that streamlines access to your preferred tools and applications.
It provides a unified interface for launching and managing programs on your PC, complemented by an AI-assisted browser.

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