Streamline your online experience
with our AI-powered browser

Lightning fast and lightweight

Designed to be nimble and rapid, OneStart allows you to enjoy the full range of internet features. With seamless synchronization of your beloved apps, this browser swiftly delivers results and loads web pages with lightning-fast speed.

From dusk until dawn

Experience the power of customization with our innovative browser that seamlessly switches between light and dark modes at your command. Whether you prefer a bright and vibrant browsing experience or a sleek and elegant interface, OneStart puts you in control.

AI-integrated browser

The first of its kind, the OneStart browser is fully-integrated with the latest AI engines. Switch effortlessly between Google AI, ChatGPT, Bing, and additional options within a separate accessible window, ensuring it doesn’t interfere with your browsing activities. Whether it’s swiftly access your AI chat, manage your workflow, explore search results, enjoy your preferred online movies, or stream your activities, OneStart makes it easy for you.

OneStart is a versatile software hub that streamlines access to your preferred tools and applications.
It provides a unified interface for launching and managing programs on your PC, complemented by an AI-assisted browser.

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