Enhance Your Reading Skills with Wiseone: The AI-Powered Browser Extension

The skill of reading holds particular significance, especially within certain professions or academic disciplines. Be it students delving into dense texts across varied subjects such as law, business, or fashion, office workers meticulously analyzing business plans, or marketing leaders deciphering intricate reports – the requirement for proficient and critical reading is universal and indispensable. This is where Wiseone comes in.

Wiseone is an AI-assisted reading application that is inherently installed within the OneStart browser. To enjoy the features of Wiseone for free on your PC, simply download the OneStart browser.

You may be curious about the transformative potential of an AI-powered reading application when it comes to enhancing reading skills and comprehension. Let’s delve into this feature and explore how to make the most of it.

The Features of Wiseone

Wiseone offers five main features, each designed to augment your reading experience:


This feature is a boon for those who get easily distracted by pop-ups and sidebars while reading online. By activating the Focus feature, you can remove all unnecessary elements on the webpage and concentrate solely on the main content. It’s like having your personal reading room on the internet, where you can read without any interruptions.


The Cross-check feature is a tool for verifying the accuracy of the information you read. With a single click, Wiseone allows you to cross-reference information from multiple sources without leaving the current page. This not only saves time but also ensures that the information you’re reading is accurate and reliable.

Ask Anything

Have you ever read something and had a question pop up in your mind? With Wiseone’s Ask Anything feature, you can ask any question related to the content you are reading, and Wiseone will provide an answer. This interactive feature enhances comprehension and encourages active learning.


Reading often leads to curiosity about specific topics or terms mentioned in the text. The Explore feature allows you to delve deeper into these topics without leaving the page. Just highlight the term or topic you want to know more about, and Wiseone will provide additional information right there.


More often than not, we don’t have the time to read long articles or complex texts thoroughly. Wiseone’s Summarize feature provides concise summaries of such texts, giving you the gist of the content in a matter of seconds. This feature is particularly useful for students, researchers, or anyone who needs to consume large amounts of information in a short amount of time.

Each of these features is designed with the aim of making your online reading experience more efficient, effective, and enjoyable. With Wiseone, you have a powerful tool that adapts to your needs and ensures that you get the most out of your reading.

In addition to its specialized reading features, Wiseone offers unique advantages that distinguish it from other reading applications. Learn more reasons below why Wiseone is a valuable choice as your reading companion on your device.

Key Advantages of Using Wiseone

Here are some noteworthy benefits of using Wiseone:

Vast Website Compatibility: Wiseone works on over 100,000 websites, making it a versatile tool for online research.

Efficient Browsing: Despite its powerful features, Wiseone doesn’t slow down your browsing experience. All analysis is performed on servers to ensure a smooth user experience.

No Additional Account Required: Wiseone is a free extension and doesn’t require a separate ChatGPT or OpenAI account.

Now that we’ve explored the significant advantages of using Wiseone, let’s dive into the practical steps on how to use this powerful tool in the OneStart browser.

How Do I Use Wiseone?

Using Wiseone within OneStart is straightforward. The initial step is to download the OneStart browser. Once you have successfully downloaded and installed OneStart, the Wiseone extension is already incorporated into it. To find it, just go to the upper right corner of the OneStart browser and look for the extension button. When you click on this button, you’ll find that Wiseone is already seamlessly integrated into the browser.

For quick access, you can choose to pin it to your bookmarks bar. Just click on the Wiseone logo.

It will then open a tab and prompt you to either sign up or log in on Wiseone account. Just fill in the required information.

Upon successful sign up or login, you are now ready to enhance your reading experience. 

To use Wiseone for ‘Focus’ reading, open a website page of your choice and hover your cursor over terms underlined in blue.

The ‘Drag’ button allows you to move the ‘Focus’ feature’s information anywhere on the page for easier reading.

To use the ‘Cross-check’ feature, just click on the blue icon that highlights the paragraphs, enabling you to verify the information on the page.

To get a summary of the page content using the summary feature, click on the Wiseone icon  from the bookmarks page and select ‘Summarize’.

This provides you with a concise Summary and Key Takeaways from the page. Simply scroll down to view the full summary within the Wiseone extension.

While, to use the ‘Ask anything’ feature, similarly click the ‘Ask anything’ button and choose whether you want to search within ‘This article’ or the ‘Internet.’ You’ll then receive the answer to your question directly within the extension.

Lastly, the ‘Explore’ feature offers news, academic articles, and videos related to the page you’re browsing, providing a comprehensive understanding of the topic at hand.

Understanding how to use Wiseone within Onestart is especially important since this integration has made using the tool even more user-friendly. OneStart, with Wiseone as part of its suite of offerings, is sure to provide an unparalleled browsing experience. To get a better understanding of OneStart, let’s briefly explore its unique features below.

The Features of OneStart Browser

OneStart is a feature-rich browser equipped with a range of AI tools and applications. Thanks to this integration, there’s no need to open a new tab, visit their website, or log in separately. OneStart comes pre-installed with these tools, ensuring you’re always logged in. They are thoughtfully integrated into the browser’s interface, so they don’t disrupt your browsing experience.

The image depicts Wiseone being utilized within the OneStart browser, with ChatGPT and various other AI options conveniently accessible via the right-hand panel.

Additionally, they have added a dual-screen feature for multitasking. This allows users to handle various tasks at the same time without having to switch between windows or tabs. This greatly improves productivity and brings order to your digital workspace.

The integration of Wiseone and OneStart enhances the capabilities of both platforms, offering users with a smart online reading and browsing experience.

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